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Posted on Apr 8, 2011


Earnings tax vote not end of tax reform debate

St. Louis voters said clearly on Tuesday that they want to keep the city’s 1 percent earnings tax. But don’t expect that to end the conversation.

If anything, it appears that the debate over ending the tax will heat up now that the vote is over.

The first volley in that discussion comes this morning. A study — paid for by wealthy investor and earnings tax opponent Rex Sinquefield — lays out ways the city might close the huge budget gap that ending the tax would produce. The study lays out a host of new taxes and fees and cost savings on city pensions that could be implemented if the earnings tax were phased out over a decade.


City-County make progress on merging services, not governments

Now that the city has five years’ breathing room on the earnings tax, officials in St. Louis are studying a new report on the best ways to substitute the $140 million a year it provides.

They’re also looking hard at a companion report that provides a road map to do more of what they already are doing — talking with St. Louis County about collaborating on certain services to save money, make government services more efficient and maybe bring the long-held dream of true regionalism a little closer to reality.