PFM Studies

Each of the three PFM studies conducted for MCBE provides detailed information about Saint Louis city and county governments, offering straight-forward data, comparisons to similar governments and suggestions for improvements. The creation and dissemination of these studies is designed to spark a robust community discussion about the future of our region.

Earnings Tax Report, City of St. Louis

This study, completed in March 2011, looked at alternatives to the city’s 1 percent earnings tax. The study assumes that the tax would be phased-out over 10 years and offers a variety of new revenue sources and a potential cost improvements to offset the $137.5 million collected annually from the earnings tax.  MCBE views these proposals as a starting point for discussion, rather than a final “take it or leave it” document.

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See the video presentation by Randall Bauer of the PFM Group below:

City of St. Louis and St. Louis County Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement

The study, completed in February 2011, looked at a variety of ways the city and county can improve costs and services by cooperating or consolidating on a variety of back-office type operations. It notes that such cooperation is critical considering that the city faces a $419 million deficit in five years if changes aren’t made, and the county is suffering its own revenue problems. The study does not look at consolidation of the city and county. Instead, it outlines a number of areas where cooperation could lead to significant savings. Proponents of city-county consolidation have described this study as an appetizer – a glimpse of what could be possible with greater city-county cooperation.

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See the video presentation of the intergovernmental cooperation study by Randall Bauer of PFM Group below:

St. Louis Missouri, Comprehensive Revenue Study

The study, completed in July 2009, looked at the City of St. Louis’ revenue production, and compared it to several comparable cities. In concluded that the city relied too heavily on the earnings tax and that reliance created unnecessary hardships. The weakness of this reliance has been made clear during the recession that began in 2008. The study also outlined a variety of alternative revenue sources to the earnings tax.

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Philanthropist and retired investment company executive Rex Sinquefield discusses two studies by PFM Group with Al Wiman, in an engaging five-minute video. One looks at alternatives to the 1 percent earnings tax in the city of Saint Louis. The other looks at areas where the city and Saint Louis County can collaborate on services. The studies were done for the Missouri Council for a Better Economy, a group funded by Sinquefield.